Our Location

We are very pleased to be housed on the campus of Georgetown College, located in downtown Georgetown, Kentucky.

BSK’s partnership with the College gives students, faculty, and staff access to the impressive Ensor Learning Resource Center (library) and other campus services, provides the Seminary with classroom and office space, and enhances the overall educational environment of our learning community. Additionally, our location in Georgetown provides convenient access to two major interstates and a host of regional attractions, such as the Kentucky Horse Park, the Cardome Center, and Keeneland. We invite you to visit our campus and see for yourself what BSK has to offer!


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Driving Directions

From the South
Via Interstate 75 – North to Exit 125. Turn left onto US 460 and 62. Proceed 1.3 miles through two traffic lights. Turn left onto Memorial Drive.

From the North
Via Interstate 75 – South to Exit 126. Turn right onto US 62. Proceed approximately ½ mile to third traffic light and turn right. Proceed approximately 1 mile on Main Street and turn left onto Memorial Drive.

From the West
Via Interstate 64 – East to Exit 69. Turn left onto US 62 for 4.2 miles. At intersection of US 460 (not the bypass), turn right, which turns into Main Street. Travel 1.3 miles (through a traffic light, a caution light, and a second traffic light) and turn right on Memorial Drive.

Via the Bluegrass Parkway – Go to the end of the parkway. Exit right onto Versailles Road (US 60) toward Lexington. Proceed 6.2 miles and take the second New Circle Road exit (New Circle North). Proceed 4 miles to Georgetown Road (US 25), Exit 8. Turn left and proceed 10.1 miles to the ninth Georgetown traffic light. (Note: The US 460/62 bypass crosses US 25 at the first Georgetown traffic light. Do not turn here; but proceed to the ninth stop light.) At this intersection of US 25 and US 460 and 62, turn right. Proceed through caution light and traffic light and turn right onto Memorial Drive.

From the East
Via Interstate 64 – West on I-64. As I-64 and I-75 split just north of Lexington, take I-75 North. Proceed to Exit 125. Turn left onto US 460 and 62. Proceed 1.3 miles through two traffic lights and turn left onto Memorial Drive.